Saturday, August 18, 2012


   We got into Mt. Shasta early on the 29th. It was easy walking and we had 20 miles done by 1 pm. Got a ride into Shasta quickly too. The day was pretty busy though. We had not been to an outfitter in weeks, since Tahoe really. We also needed some R&R. Ate dinner at Billy Goat's Tavern and enjoyed some of the best food on the trail yet. Watched some olympics too. It was a good day.
    Yesterday we had so much to do. We made resupply boxes for Callahan's Lodge and Timberline Lodge. Not really sure why it took all day. Maybe it was the all you can eat pizza buffet, or the walking all over town. We didnt return to the hotel until after 3 pm. Then ziplocs and noodles were flying all over the tiny hotel room. We finally went to dinner at 730, after packing and labeling 5 boxes, Lauren sewed my shorts, I installed her new pole tips and soaked her feet. Sushi for her town birthday. None for me, another burger instead. Then more Olympic watching in the hotel room. Shasta was a great place for a zero. Very much a hippie town with a very laid back feeling to it.
    Today we took it kinda slow getting out of town. The vortex of town made it hard to leave. Though I love hiking to death, the good life sometimes does appeal to me. Its such an easy life, waking up in a bed, eating 3 large meals (or more), and the beer and television, its good stuff. But the goodness of town does wear off eventually. Luckily we have not been in town enough on this hike to wear off its charm. On the Hayduke Trail this April, me and d=rt were forced off the trail for 3 nights due to a snoe storm in Bryce. The tiny town of Tropic, Utah wore off its charm pretty quick.
    We finally were on the trail by 1 pm. It felt pretty good to be hiking again. Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday. I have a few small surprises for her, nothing big! We are camped in a sweet spot. Amazing sunset. Should be a great sunrise too. We plan to start early and hike a 30 mile day for her 30th!

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