Thursday, July 5, 2012


  Yesterday we took the day off in Bishop. Though we had only hiked 6 days and 100 miles, we were in need of some rest. We ate really well and spent time with Challenger and Test. It was a really good day, and we both got a lot done. Lauren bought some new shoes with a ton of cushion hoping they will help with her feet problems. I ate a ton of baked goods from Schats bakery, and a watermelon.
   Today we were both super happy to be getting back to the trail. We took the 7 am shuttle back to Independance. We shipped a good amount of stuff home today, including gloves and thermal bottoms, all an effort to lighten up. We got a ride up to Kearsarge Pass in good time, but the guy asked for $5 for each of us. By this point we had met Sheppard, an 18 year old hiker, headed back to the trail too. If I had known it was $5 for each of us, i would have turned the ride down, as there was plenty of traffic headed up that way anyway. Oh well, it worked out.
    The trail up to  Kearsarge Pass was very busy. Passed a lot of hikers headed down, and many headed up. The climb wasn't bad either. But the further up we went, the more smoke we started to see. Not sure where its from, but it is smokey up here, not terribly, still a little worrisome. The pass seemed easy and felt good. The temperature had dropped since a few days ago.
     Then we were on to Glen Pass. Also felt good. We are camped at Rae Lakes with our new friend Sheppard. 13 miles today. I had a lot of fun today too, with both Lauren and Sheppard. Very happy to be enjoying this amazing place with amazing people!
   Lauren seems to enjoy her new shoes. I enjoy them too! The colors are amazing and fun to see her wearing =). She is going to give me a foot massage tonight because I have helped carry her food. I am excited. I even washed my feet.

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