Thursday, July 5, 2012


    Slept really well in the Tuolomne Meadows campsite last night. We stayed in the same spot that I camped at in 2010 and had 2 bears visit in the night. Nothing last night though. The campsite was quiet and peaceful.
   We got up around 7 and had a great but pricey breakfast  at the cafe. It cost about $15 for me to feel full. Oh well, camping was cheap in Tuolomne and we have been in our tent for 9 nights with no shower. So a little tasty breakfast is alright every now and then.
   We left shortly after breakfast. It was good to be back out on the trail, but still did not feel like the PCT. We passed hundreds of dayhikers and overnighters headed to Glen Aulin, a site with waterfalls and nightly visits by bears.
   The hike after Glen Aulin was wonderful, treed with great views from time to time. We are now camped in Matterhorn Canyon with two other hikers and millions of mosquitos. They are miserable. So glad we have a large tent to sleep in. So tired. Time for sleep.

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