Thursday, July 5, 2012


  Slept really well last night. Having the campground to ourselves was awesome, but even better a PCT hiker and 2 JMT hikers joined us as we sat around the first campfire  we have had on this trip.
   This morning we got a late start, slept in a bit and then enjoyed breakfast at the restaurant in Reds Meadow. It was super tasty, I got the largest breakfast they offered and it wasnt big enough. A little pricey too, but that was expected.
   We enjoyed a leisurely morning.  I made phone calls while Lauren wrote postcards and journaled. It was a great way to enjoy the morning. At 1030 we took off. Got lost right away in the maze of trails around Reds Meadow. Found our way though, and spent the rest of the day paying better attention.
   It always feels great to be back on the trail. One highlight of the day was passing a group of 10 Asians. They had at least 4 generations on this hike, and must not have known we were behind them, because wwe followed them for a good quarter mile.
  It was hot down low today. But now we are camped at Island Pass and eenjoying a chilly sunset. I am exhausted and my stomach is feeling funky. Think its the town food. We did 19 miles today and have 17 to go to get to Tuolomne Meadows. Looking forward to it!

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