Monday, July 16, 2012


   Tahoe was a blast. Truly the best town stop yet in my opinion. We got a nice room at a casino, ate at an alright all you can eat buffet, shopped at a real grocery store, saw Moonrise Kingdom in the theatre, and today I won $173 in a slot machine. Only played $20, but in 10 minutes I had won, and walked away. It paid for the movie, dinner, hotel room, and my resupply for the next 7 days. Exciting, though I dont feel like I earned it!
   We left Tahoe late, didnt start hitching until after 5. We ate at a sub shop that had amazing bbq chicken and both of us had a beer. That seemed to make us less eager to hit the trail. We visited a great outfitter, Lake of the Sky. They treat PCT hikers really well. Gave us fruit, had a computer available for us, and gave us 10% off of everything. Very hiker friendly. Then we ate ice cream and started hitchhiking.
   It took about 30 minutes, and honestly we considered staying aanother night. But then I spotted a VW bus. I told Lauren that was our ride, and low and behold, they stopped for us. It was Bob, a guy who gives hikers rides regularly. Very friendly, he drove 5 miles out of his way for us.
   By 6 we were hiking, and beautiful hiking it was, Echo Lake is amazing. As much as I hate to get in to camp at 9,  it was great walking around these lakes at dusk. Amazing sunset, easy walking. We are camped at Aloha Lakes in Desolation Wilderness. Got here late, and there are a lot of folks camped around here. We are close to some, hope we dont annoy them. Good to be back out, even though it doesnt feel so desolate. Its about 10 pm and I gotta sleep!

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