Thursday, July 5, 2012


     The lake we were camped above was beautiful this morning, and the bugs seemed to be gone when we first got out of the tent. We had a really long descent from Marie Lakes down to Bear Creek and as we descended the skeeters got more and more present. At one point Lauren stopped to use the wilderness room, and I tried to wait patiently. But the bugs were so thick that as I wiped 10-20 off of one leg, the other leg would get covered. I ended up putting on my pants, rain jacket, and headnet. Just about that time, Lauren showed up, and we ran down the trail. That may have been the thickest I have ever seen them.
     Bear Creek was a breeze to cross. We did get wet feet, but nothing like how it was in 2006. I have got to stop talking about 06' though. It was such a tootally different experience, but I talk about it too much.
   We took a great 2 hour break at Mono Creek. No mosquitos there. We washed up in the creek and it felt great. Rinsed my socks at least 20 times and the water still came out brown. We are dirty. I am lucky to have a partner who does not mind being dirty, or me being dirty.
   We enjoy the long afternoon breaks. It really breaks up the day. It gives us the chance to really enjoy the country we are walking through. I hope we continue to do it further north.
   The climb up over Silver Pass was tough. My shoes are completely shot, can not wait to get new ones in Tuolomne Meadows. After about 15 miles, my feet beegin to ache. Hope I can nurse these dead asics another 58 miles.
   We are camped at Squaw Lake, after 22 miles today. Exhausted and should sleep well. Reds Meadow tomorrow.

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