Monday, July 30, 2012


   Then we ate the drakesbad breakfast. It was incredible. Cereal, oatmeal, toast, quiech, crossaints, tea, coffee. When we had eaten everything on the table, the waitress asked if we were still hungry. We all glanced at each other and quickly replied, "not yet". We were then given eggs and potatos and pinto beans. All of this for $5. I love Drakesbad.
   When we had finished eating, Lauren and I went for one last hot springs swim. I wanted to pay our tab, but the entire staff at the ranch was in a meeting. The owner of Drakesbad came down to the pool and asked if I was Andrew. I had not paid my tab yet and she was a bit concerned. I quickly paid it and let her know that I would never run off without paying a tab, and hoped no other hikers would either. I feel kind of bad that they would assume I was not going  to pay, not a good feeling to be wrongly acused. I hope that no hikers would skip out on any tab, particularly a $10 amazing dinner at Drakesbad!
   We were finally on the trail by 11 AM. Hard to leave the vortex of Drakesbad. We made great time all day long. It was flat. Flatest stretch of trail I have seen yet.
   We dodged a thunderstorm somehow. It dumped a ton of hail a couple miles up from where we waited under a tree.
   We leap-frogged with Easy Miles, Steady, Paws, and Hamburger all day.
   20 miles today. We are camped just a few miles from Old Station. Plan to get there early and stay until the evening when we will take off and begin a 29 mile waterless stretch. I look forward to it =).

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