Monday, July 30, 2012


   Trail angel Steve reminded us yesterday that us hikers complain a lot! He of course was joking, but its also very true. Anything we get a chance to complain about, we do. Mosquitos, blisters, back aches, heavy packs, chaffing, worn out shoes, just to name a few.
    Somedays we have to remind ourselves that we made the choice to be out here. Today I had some of those moments. I sent new  shoes to  Drakesbad a few days ago, and carried them 60 miles to Burney where I trashed the old pair. The old pair had seen about 450 miles, really good for a pair of runners on trail. But this new pair feels very uncomfortable. Have my feet really grown more? I hope not, size 16 is hard enough to find. This new pair is so uncomfortable that after 10 miles of hiking today, I called Zappos and ordered a new pair, sent to the next town. Really hoping my feet arent swelling up...
   Because I was walking funny with the new shoes I was also gifted by the chaffe fairy. All the areas I should not mention here were pretty badly chaffed by the end of today. This causes me to walk even funnier.
   I think the chaffing caused my back to hurt. Hunched over, walking like a duck! Wow my life is hard. I would still rather be out here on a hike than be a lot of places. Despite the chaffage, sore back, and achy feet.
   We left Burney pretty late after breakfast with Steady and trail angel Steve. They then gave us a ride back to the trail. The trail was easy walking and we have hiked over 22 miles after 11 AM.
   I am exhausted. Time to rest.

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