Thursday, July 5, 2012


   The sounds of vehicles, alarms going off, horns going beep, and the steady roar of them passing us as we parralleled the first road that the PCT crosses in 220 miles. Though we had not crossed the road yet today, we followed it to the store here in Tuolomne Meadows. The place was, and still is a zoo. I was so overwhelmed after our 18 mile day. Dehydrated, hungry, and a bit ornary. Lauren was feeling the same way, as she snapped at me at one point. After eating, we both felt much better.
   We even made some new friends with PCTers from Israel. Drank a couple beers and washed up in the river. Felt so good! We are making great time and will hopefully make it to Bridgeport on the 4th.

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