Thursday, July 5, 2012


     Mosquito hell. Thats what one of our guidebooks describes the section from Tuolomne to Tahoe as. It is hell. If it werent beautiful, I would curse it more. As bad as they are, at least the views around here are spectacular. The last few miles seemed to be the worst we have seen the skeeters. I think I killed thousands today, but also feel like I have thousands oif bites.
   Luckily we found a couple spots without the blood sucking devils today. The first was our lunch spot, a windy, dry outcropping on the way down from a pass. I didnt want to leave!
   We also took an amazing swim in a crystal clear lake. It was also bug free for the most part. It felt amazing to swim in the lake, good way to wash up.
     I am proud of us for keeping it together today. We marched through the battlefield of mosquitos and made 20 miles. I am really hoping they wont be as bad tomorrow, but suspecting that they will be just as bad.
   The sound of huundreds of them buzzing around outside is enough to make me go crazy. So glad we have a tent to sleep in.

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