Thursday, July 5, 2012


  The climb up Muir Pass was amazing. We started early again and made it to the top before 10 am. There was no snow, all the way up. It was so windy on top that the hut was extremely inviting. We joined four other hikers and ate lunch in the hut.
   I spent some time catching frogs in one of the lakes today. I am pretty sure they were northern leopard frogs. They  had gone extinct some time ago in the Sierras. The reason being pollution. Frogs are very sensative to changes in there water. They were reintroduced though, about three years ago, and are thriving in the areas they were reintroduced to. I personally am in full support of any species willing to help lower the population of misquitoes.
   I also spent time catching some fish today. I caught 4 with my bare hands, all beautiful rainbow trout, all too small for us to eat... oh well. Still fun to know I can do it.
    I love the Sierras so much. It is also a good feeling to just walk all day. Not a care in the world. Just left leg, then right leg. We stopped after 17 miles today. Laurens feet were tired, and I craved a dip in the Evolution Creek. The water was warm, it felt so good to wash out my nasty shorts and boxers. Also felt good to rinse myself on a secluded beach along the creek. This is really livin.
   Tomorrow we will pick up our resupply at Muir Trail Ranch. Very excited to find out what all we put in our bucket. The one thing we do remember is two Lewis and Clark Brewery beers. It feels so good not resupplying in a  town. We won't be able to spend any money, nothing to buy there. Instead we will get the stuff we sent ourselves, load it in our packs and head out. There are also some hot springs in the area we plan to check out.

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