Thursday, July 5, 2012


   Today was amazing. We started early, and it was super cold, about 30 degrees. Hard to get moving, but felt great when we did get into the sun. We crossed the very cold, but not so swift Evolution Creek around 8 AM. Last time I was here, the creek was at least twice as big as it was today. We took the high water route and still were in water up to my waist. Today we got our knees wet at the low water crossing.
   The walk down to Muir Trail Ranch was very easy and we made great time. It was also very pretty. I love watching the transitions from high alpine down to semi desert with sage brush and all.
   At Muir Trail Ranch we were greeted by Pat and 2 dogs. Pat was extremely friendly and helpful, got us our bucket that we sent ourselves right away. We went through everything, so glad we sent ourselves so much food. Also glad we sent 2 beers! The ranch was very laid back, picnic tables in the shade. Also several buckets of hikers leftovers. I resupplied my hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and even found a book aabout the John Muir Trail to carry. We loaded up and were out in an hour. We walked right to Shooting Star Meadows, where we enjoyed a somewhat dirty hot spring. Drank our semi cold Lewis and Clark beers while soaking in the semi hot springs. Thats good livin. We came out smelling clean and somewhat less greasy!
   We then began the 3000 foot climb out of the valley to Seldon Pass. It was 2 in the afternoon when we started the climb, not the best timing, but a great climb. Lauren did not want to stop, so we went to the top and on to Marie Lakes. I must say I am exhausted, but we did over 20 miles, climbed 3000 feet, did a resupply, and drank a beer while soaking in a hot spring. I can not complain, I feel great. So does Lauren, we are getting stronger.

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