Monday, July 16, 2012


   Today we hit 500 miles of hiking. After 4 weeks of hiking, thats not bad. This is Lauren's first long hiking trip, so 125 miles a week is awesome!
   The wind howled all night in that saddle. We were just thankful to be out of the mosquitos.
   The hike today was pretty smooth, 27 miles of gradual downhill. I love the downhills like this, but they hurt Lauren. Her shoes are wore out, but she was stoked to try and make it to a swimming hole mentioned in one of our guides.
   The trail was amazing again today. As we descended down to 5000 feet, the flora changed gradually. From ponderosa pines and firs to giant cedars and even maples and oaks. Best of all, the mosquitos are not down here.
    We made it to the sweet swimming hole late, it was after 6. Made dinner and jumped in. The water was freeezing. But the waterfall plunge pool was irrestible. I feel so clean now! We are hobo camping tonight, nearly under a bridge, along a river, downhill from a road, no tent, it feels good. We are just a couple miles from Sierra City, should get in real early. We cant heead out until Monday though, we need to visit the post office. Should be a good town stop.

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