Sunday, July 15, 2012


    We took a day off the trail in Bridgeport yesterday. Ate so much amazing food and posted blogs. Also did a really expensive resupply at the general store. $4 pop tarts, $3 lipton noodles, and $1.25 for a snickers. I enjoyed watching TV for a change.
   Today we hit the trail again. We got a pretty quick ride to the trail after donuts at the wonderful bakery.
  Lauren has some shin splints that are bothering her badly on the downhills. On top of that, she got 2 new blisters! I received new shoes yesterday so have happy feet, but now hers are giving problems. So we didnt move fast today. We still covered 15 miles, which is excellent for leaving town with shin splints.
   I am eager to get to the parts of this trail I have not seen yet, after Tahoe. Just 60 more miles off this stuff I saw in 2006. Its really crazy to me how much of this I remember. Its so beautiful too, but I crave new trail.
   I ate an extremely large burrito yesterday. I think it weighed 4 pounds. Then I had ice cream, french fries, and pizza. I feel a bit disgusting now. I need a long day or 2 of hiking, hope we can get it in tomorrow.

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