Sunday, July 15, 2012


Slept so well without a tent last night. I felt great in the morning, full of energy. Lauren was feeling good too. We were on the trail before 7 and it felt great. The scenery was amazing nearly all day as we were up high in some red rocky stuff. We also made really good time up and down the mountains.
   We were looking forward to Carson Pass all day, restrooms, water, and PCT Register. But when we arrived it was after 5 PM, so no water or register. We did have a picnic table and outhouse though, which made us excited. I suppose it is the little things.
   Lots  of folks out on the trail today, even saw a few pcters. I am now dehydrated. Not a lot of water on the trail today. I am exhausted, 25 miles today. Tahoe tomorrow, just 11 miles from town now.

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