Monday, July 30, 2012


   Today we have just 2 months left to finish this hike. We are about 1200 miles from the end. So just an average of 20+ miles a day will get us to Canada by September 25th. Sounds like a lot, but totally doable.
    We only did 12 miles today though. We took a ride into Burney with trail angel Steve and his wife Steady.
   We have been spoiled by Steve, he has met us at a lot of road crossings with cold sodas and snacks. Today he took us to a really tasty all you can eat pizza place.
    Lauren had a great idea of grilling out this evening, so she bought brawts, and a lot of other goodies. We had a great time talking with Steve, Steady, and Skeeter. Back to the trail tomorrow!

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