Monday, July 16, 2012


   I had thought that after Tahoe, the mosquitos would not be as bad, wow I was wrong. The blood sucking devils attacked by the thousands this afternoon. They kinda try to ruin everything. Hard to enjoy a break with them attacking, hard to enjoy hiking while constantly swatting them. I feel whiney about it, but what are you gonna do? Even the 30% deet stuff didnt seem to work.
    At least I have Lauren with me. If I were at this alone, it could be pretty miserable. We still find ways to enjoy the day, even with the bloodsuckers.
   The morning was spectacular non-the-less. Desolation wilderness has over 167 lakes. I think we walked by 10 of them  today. We even jumped off a rock ledge into one lake, about a 15 foot drop. It felt great, so refreshing!
    We are both tired and i am a bit grumpy. Need a good nights rest. We are going to shoot for a 26 mile day tomorrow, could be a long day, should also be beautiful.

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