Thursday, July 5, 2012


   Yesterday while Lauren enjoyed a polar plunge in Rae Lakes, I walked around and saw thousands of fish rising. I really wished I had my fly rod. I found a PBR on the side of the lake. Looked like it had been there since last year, the colors were all faded. I drank it with dinner. Amazing way to end a great day.
   This morning came too soon. I did not sleep the best, and it was chilly, about 35 degrees at 6 am. We were on the trail quickly though, and enjoyed the amazing views on our descent.
  A National Park service employee stopped us on the way down, aasking for our permit. We were trying to hurry past him so we would not have to show the permit which was burried in my pack. After unpacking, he said he wouldnt have asked if he knew it would be so much work. He looked at the permit, and sent us on our way.
   The downhill today to Woods Creek was so smooth. We made great time and had a good time chatting with everyone out for the weekend.
   The climb up to Pinchot wore us both out. 8 miles to the top. It was very pretty though, the colors of the rocks are amazing up here.
   We are both hiking about the same pace now. I am still carrying a little bit of her weight, but really glad we are hiking about the same speed.
   Today we are camped about a half mile before South Fork of the Kings River. We were both exhausted and need a goodnights sleep.
  I am excited to climb Mather Pass tomorrow. Its one of my favorite passes and tomorrow will be the third time I will climb it.
   Dinner consisted of dehydrated spaghetti, sauce, dried venison, fresh sierra onions, tabasco sauce, chedder cheese, and a cheese roll. Who said we were roughin it? Thats good eatin'.
   17 miles today and I am sleepy.

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