Thursday, July 5, 2012


    The 9 mile crest to Sonora Pass is probably my favorite stretch of trail yet. Its so exposed with views in all directions. The colors are amazing. The rock is red, green grass in the valleys, snow on the surrounding high peaks, and crystal clear blue lakes. Amazing.
   At Sonora Pass we found trail magic! Sleeping Bear, the father of a hiker further south, was at the pass with a cooler of gatorade, soda, and beer. He also had chips, oranges, and other snacks, very nice! He offered us a ride into Bridgeport with 2 other hikers, Tortoise and Stonefly. We gladly took it, and the 5 of us crammed into the car. It seemed like a long ride. I guess its 30 miles, very curvy road.
    Bridgeport is a great town that loves the 4th of July. We found great fried food, and a lot of it. We had reserved a hotel room, which is a good thing, this town has filled up. We enjoyed the fireworks, which was probably the best display I have ever seen. The streets were filled with store bought ones going off, right in the middle of the street! Fun stuff to watch.
   We are taking a day off tomorrow. We both need some R&R. We plan to skip Tahoe in an effort to save money and not be overwhelmed by the crazyness of that large city.

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