Thursday, July 5, 2012


  The wrath of mosquitos continued today. We both slept really well last night after fighting for our lives yesterday. I had hoped that our wishes had come true and that they had all died in the night. Well, it didnt happen. They were blood thirsty and hundreds gathered on our tent in the night awaiting our departure.
   We hiked through them again today. I wore my rain jacket and pants and Lauren continuosly swatted her arms with her bandana. Very exhausting. After 3 miles we lost it. I was sweating profusely under my jacket and Lauren could not keep up with the flying devils. So we gave in. Pulled out the stuff with 30% deet. It worked amazingly. First Llauren did it. She was so happy and content, no longer getting bit. Thats when I gave in. Its not good for ya, but neither is getting bit by thousands of mosquitos.
   The rest of the day was more enjoyable. Wilma Lake had the most mosquitos I have ever seen in one place. I tried taking a breath of air and swallowed a few. Extra protein? We still found a bugless spot for lunch along a creek, felt so good.
    We are camped on a saddle on the way up the crest to Sonora Pass. It is so amazing here. The sunset was spectacular and I can barely wait for the sunrise. Should be chilly tonight. Die mosquitos!

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