Thursday, July 5, 2012


  Slept so well at Squaw Lake last night. Didnt wake up until 5, which is late for me. Lauren got ready in record time, faster than me today. We were both excited to be headed to Reds Meadow for burgers, beer, and free hot spring showers.
   We made great time as we went up and down for what seemed like all day. We forded Virginia Lake as I did in 06'. It did take some convincing for Lauren to follow me. I had to remind her that her trail name is Groler Bear, a mix of Grizzly and Polar bear. She did it and it made great footage. Which reminds me, we are making a dance video. Dancing from Kennedy Meadows to Canada.
    We made it to Reds Meadow at 4 pm. We ate burgers, drank beer, and are stealth camping at the closed campground. The road to Mammoth is opening tomorrow. A big windstorm came through this winter with 150 mph winds. It knocked over thousands of trees. Luckily the store and restaraunt opened for us hikers. The free hot spring showers were condemed by the state of California. So we washed in the cold creek, and life is still very good. Should be at the big shin dig in Bridgeport for the fourth of July.
  By the way. Every day I spend with Lauren, I seem to fall more in love with her. Life is good.

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